Company Overview

VESI Environmental (formally FBC Technologies, Inc.)  provides a unique line of patented water and wastewater treatment solutions. Headquartered in Up-State New York, the Company services the industrial and municipal markets and  is represented by an ever growing network of manufacturer’s representative firms. There are over 60 successful installations in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Since 1998, VESI Environmental’s products have demonstrated a versatility that is uncommon in the industry. All systems are modular with stainless steel construction; there is no power wiring under water and the systems are energy efficient.

The Company’s engineering staff will craft a solution capable of addressing a wide range of new construction, replacement and retrofitting needs.

The Company’s installation teams provide a turn-key solution that can be placed in service without taking the treatment facility off line, allowing uninterrupted production and treatment.

Where warranted, the Company will lease equipment to credit worthy customers on the basis of energy savings taking full responsibility for the up-keep of the system during the lease period.

Company History

  • 1998 - Company founded to exploit fixed film technology patent acquired
  • 2001 - Opens 13,000 sq ft manufacturing facility
  • 2003 - Company develops Bio-Bloc, patent issued
  • 2003 - Company develops Octopus, patent issued
  • 2004 - Company develops Ox-Box, patent issued
  • 2005 - Enters Canadian Market
  • 2006 - Enters Mid-East market
  • 2008 - Enters European Market
  • 2010 - Name changed to VESI Environmental
  • 2010 - Bottom Dweller introduced along with removable diffuser version of products

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

The Bio2Bloc® system has been used successfully by industrial and municipal wastewater plants.
The O2ctopus® system is the first floatable, surface-maintainable, fine-bubble diffusion system on the market.
The O2x-Box® is a technology which can be quickly installed to boost your D.O. significantly, without adding significant horsepower to your operations.